Our products

With its expertise , MAPLE High Tech develops internally his own product in the field of the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine.

Beginning of 2014, MAPLE High Tech starts the GUINNESS project with the design of a product based on a latest communication technology in the areas of embedded electronics, modems and application layers , web deployment servers.

After submitting a proof of concept and developed a first hardware prototype, the company has set up a collaborative project with several industrial partners and the CNRS / IRIT.


In may 2015, with the support of the Midi-Pyrénées Region, MAPLE High Tech obtains a subvention from the European Union (FEDER fund) of over € 170000 in the EASYNOV project - Future Plant , to finalize this GUINNESS project.


This product is marketed as from 2016 with a first installation on an industrial site.

The company's strategy is to bring this new technology into new industries such as the agri-food industry. 

Further information and details will be made in the coming months.